Romantic tour in Cusco: Our proposal
Enjoy 5 days of full love!
Nicole Maxdeo
April 23, 2024

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Our proposal of romantic tour includes relaxation time, unforgettable moments in unique settings, and places you simply can’t miss:

Table of Contents

Romantic tour in Cusco: Day 1: Arrival and Romantic Dinner

Upon your arrival in Cusco - Peru, our team will pick you up in private transportation. We'll take you to the hotel where you'll spend the next 5 days, welcoming you with a refreshing drink. This hotel is comfortable, close to the city center, and offers activities to help you unwind after your flight. After settling into your room, we'll arrange a lunch on the terrace with a special touch for you as a couple. You'll have time to relax in the afternoon, and before your dinner, you'll enjoy a couples' spa session, an intimate moment not to be missed.

Once you're relaxed, you can opt for dinner in your room to extend the relaxation or choose our nighttime photo session in the magical streets of Cusco. Enjoy your first night in the enchanting city of the Incas.

Romantic tour in Cusco: Day 2: Adventure time, picnic Lunch at Huaypo Lake and night in Ollantaytambo

After your first night amidst the magic and charms of Cusco, you'll enjoy a day filled with discoveries and adventure. First, we'll transport you to the starting point of the Maras and Moray tour, where ATVs will be waiting for you to enjoy some adventurous time as a couple. After visiting the archaeological complexes of Maras and Moray, taking in the charming views, and capturing the best photographs, we'll head to Huaypo. Here, we'll have a romantic picnic lunch with a privileged view of the lagoon and the surrounding mountains. This lunch will feature special details for you to enjoy with your loved one, along with organic ingredients and a glass of champagne.

After lunch, we'll enjoy a car ride to Ollantaytambo, where we'll spend the night at a local lodge.

Romantic tour in Cusco: Day 3: Visit to Machu Picchu and Return by Tourist Train

The most anticipated moment has arrived. We'll rise early, have breakfast at the hotel, and head to the train station for Machu Picchu.

We'll board a scenic train that allows you to enjoy nature. Upon arrival, we'll take a bus to finally visit Machu Picchu.

You'll have a private guided tour where you'll learn about the mysteries of this special place in the world, soak up energy, and visit viewpoints, temples, and the most important spots according to the route you choose.

After marveling at the beauty of this imposing wonder, we'll descend to Aguas Calientes or Machu Picchu Pueblo to enjoy some free time, have lunch at a local restaurant with a river view, and rest before boarding the return train.

At the scheduled time, you'll take your return train to Ollantaytambo, then travel to Cusco in our private transportation. We'll arrive in the evening to enjoy the hotel in Cusco.

Romantic tour in Cusco: Day 4: Rainbow Mountain Tour with Horseback Riding and Picnic Breakfast-Lunch

Today, we head towards the southern area of Cusco to be dazzled by the colorful hues of the Rainbow Mountain or Vinicunca. Early in the morning, we'll pick you up from your hotel at around 4:00 a.m. We'll depart from the city of Cusco towards this enchanting mountain on a nearly 2-hour journey to our breakfast point. We will set up a picnic breakfast near our walking starting point. Here, you will have pre arranged horseback riding.

From here to the viewpoint, we'll enjoy the presence of alpacas, llamas, the wild flora, the local population, and above all, the breathtaking distant view of the Ausangate snow-capped mountain for approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes.

For the classic photo, it's necessary to ascend to 5,020 meters in height (16,466 feet). Its colors and beauty will leave us speechless. This moment is magical as we'll have before our eyes the world-famous Rainbow Mountain. Many claim it resembles a scene from another planet, never seen before. Don't worry about time; you'll have plenty of space to take pictures and enjoy the peace at the mountain's summit.

To conclude, in the afternoon, we'll return to the starting point and indulge in a buffet picnic lunch made by our chef. Once finished, satisfied and with hearts filled by having experienced the best of Cusco, we'll head back to your hotel. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy a goodbye dinner at the hotel.

Romantic tour in Cusco: Day 5: Farewell Breakfast at a Local Restaurant and Departure to the Airport

Our final day in Cusco has arrived. We'll get ready and have breakfast at the hotel, a breakfast designed for you and your partner and a farewell to Cusco. In this farewell, you'll have some souvenirs from Cusco for you and your partner. Happy to have had an extraordinary adventure, it's time to say goodbye to Cusco. We'll pick you up from your hotel to take you to the airport at least 2 hours before your scheduled departure time

Days to enjoy with your partner, to escape from stress, and to remind you that one falls in love several times with the same person. Ready to plan your vacation?

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