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Whether in the jungle, coast, or highlands, don’t miss out on these incredible places waiting for you. Are you ready for the adventure? Discover the magic of these lesser-known places in Peru that will take you deep into nature and a connection with yourself. Here we tell you everything:

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Lesser-known places in Peru: HUARAZ

Talking about Huaraz means talking about Huascarán National Park, one of the most popular destinations for adventure lovers. Incredible turquoise lagoons and towering snow-capped peaks await visitors who enjoy hiking and climbing, along with breathtaking scenery in the highest tropical mountain range in the world.

Near Huaraz is the Chavín de Huántar archaeological site, belonging to the Chavín culture, which was one of the most important oracles of ancient Peru. Its truncated pyramids and underground galleries extend at the foot of the mountain range, standing out for their monumental architecture. One of the best lesser-known places in Peru.

Lesser-known places in Peru: CAJAMARCA

In Cajamarca, the colonial and Inca worlds come together. Relax like Atahualpa did in the Inca Baths, with their mineral-rich hot springs, or learn about the final chapter of this empire at the Ransom Room, where Atahualpa promised to fill the room with gold and silver up to his hand's reach in exchange for his freedom after being captured by the Spanish.

If you seek nature, visit Cumbemayo and its fascinating stone forest. Spend time finding shapes among the rocks or learning about the ancient Peruvians' use of water at the aqueduct surrounding the area. One of the best lesser-known places in Peru.

Lesser-known places in Peru: MOCHE ROUTE

Like the Incas in the south, the north has a culture that left an extraordinary legacy that endures to this day: the Moche. Chiclayo and Trujillo were their main territories, becoming must-visit destinations for archaeology enthusiasts.

The tombs of the Lord of Sipán and the Lady of Cao showcase the power of the Moche, with their gold and precious stone elements. On the other hand, the Huacas of the Sun and the Moon offer a firsthand view of their architectural prowess in a complex desert environment. One of the best lesser-known places in Peru.

Lesser-known places in Peru: HUANCAYA

Nestled under a clear blue sky lies Huancaya, a piece of Lima with a touch of the Andes. A six-hour journey by van takes you from the coastal desert to the abundance of the Andean landscape, visiting archaeological sites and crossing dunes while greenery gradually takes over the surroundings. One of the best lesser-known places in Peru.

Located in the Nor Yauyos Cochas Landscape Reserve, Huancaya has gained great popularity in recent years. Its turquoise lagoons and beautiful waterfalls are adorned by the Pariacaca snow-capped mountain, a deity in Inca times, creating an impressive landscape.

  • Maximum altitude: 3,554 meters above sea level
  • Travel time by 4x4: 6 hours and 30 minutes
  • Tour duration: 3 days / 2 nights

Lesser-known places in Peru: POZUZO

The history of Pozuzo, home to Austrian and German settlers in the middle of the jungle, is fascinating. Travel by road to this traditional place, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and waterfalls. Enjoy its cuisine, music, and, above all, its great coffee on a journey that will heighten all your senses. One of the best lesser-known places in Peru.

In Pozuzo, you'll feel like you're in a European village, with its gable-roofed houses and unique traditions. This cultural side is complemented by an adventurous spirit, with perfect trails for hiking or cycling amidst nature. A different experience awaits.

  • Travel time by 4x4: 6 hours and 20 minutes
  • Maximum altitude: 1,000 meters above sea level
  • Tour duration: 5 days / 4 nights

Lesser-known places in Peru: CHACHAPOYAS

Hidden behind a wall over 20 meters high and guarded by the dense vegetation of the area lies Kuélap, the most representative construction of the Chachapoyas culture. This fortress, compared in grandeur to Machu Picchu, surprises with its size and fine details in construction. One of the best lesser-known places in Peru.

In addition to Kuélap, Chachapoyas stands out for its dazzling natural wealth. An example of this is Gocta, one of the tallest waterfalls in the world and an attraction you must visit. Fall in love with the hundreds of colorful flowers and impressive animals like the spatuletail hummingbird, unique in the world.

Lesser-known places in Peru: Cruises over the amazonas

Traveling to the Amazon doesn't have to mean discomfort. Cruises are a great option if you want to make the most of your jungle experience without sacrificing luxury and the amenities of a land-based hotel.

Good food, spacious beds, air conditioning, and other services are what you'll find on vessels like Aria, Delfín, La Perla, Zafiro, and Rivers and Forest. Enjoy the unique scenery from their decks, relax at the bar or in the reading room, or even take advantage of the exercise rooms. The options are at your fingertips. One of the best lesser-known places in Peru.

Lesser-known places in Peru: Experiences in Peru

Your Amazon journey can be very enjoyable with a variety of activities for all tastes. If you're up for adventure, take advantage of kayaks and paddles to glide along the river accompanied by the soothing sound of water. Want something calmer? Take a night boat ride to see the beautiful starry sky. One of the best lesser-known places in Peru.

Gastronomy cannot be absent. Enjoy a picnic on a raft over the river and then go fishing for piranhas, which will be the main course at lunchtime. Explore the intense flavors of local products, from spicy charapita chili to jerky and heart of palm.

Lesser-known places in Peru: Culture in Peru

There's no better way to get to know a place than through the eyes of the people who live there. Enrich your Amazon journey by sharing some activities with community members, learn from them, and their close relationship with nature.

Be amazed by the uses of hundreds of native plants, many of which you wouldn't expect; spend time with children from the local school and be inspired by their joy, or be part of a good luck ritual performed by the community's shaman. Surround yourself with culture and feel like part of it. One of the best lesser-known places in Peru.

Lesser-known places in Peru: Fauna in Peru

The Peruvian Amazon jungle is a paradise for birdwatching. More than 1800 different species - some endemic - inhabit the area, and exploring it means coming face to face with many of them, with impressive colors or intense eyes that seem to examine you curiously.

Monkeys often steal the show with their acrobatics and loud howls. But undoubtedly, the grand spectacle is the pink dolphins. No Amazon trip is complete without seeing them swimming, animals as beautiful as they are mythical, protagonists of legends and respected by jungle inhabitants. One of the best lesser-known places in Peru.

As you can see, there are different options that you might not have known about. Whether exploring the coast, enjoying the jungle, or marveling at the culture of the highlands, these places will leave you impressed.

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