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World-renowned for Lake Titicaca and its stunning floating islands of Los Uros, Taquile, and Luquina, this place, proud of its traditions and past, witnesses the magic of the Candelaria festival every year. Undoubtedly, there is not a single reason why you wouldn’t want to visit such a magical place. Are you ready to learn more?

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Islands of Puno: The Uros Islands

The Floating Islands of the Uros, one of the islands of Puno, consist of approximately 60 islands made of totora, a plant that grows in the lake. The locals also use totora to construct caballitos or little boats, which fishermen use in Huanchaco, near Trujillo.

The first Uros arrived here after the Aymaras and the Incas expelled them from their lands and built these islands to be mobile at first. They tie these 15 by 15 meter islands to the lake bed with rope cables.

Today, they are only thirty minutes away by boat from Puno, and visitors can meet the locals, who will show them their "land" and even take them for a ride in a fully waterproof totora boat, resulting in a memorable experience. What can you do on Lake Titicaca?

The same reeds are used to make handicrafts. These unique souvenirs from Peru are not only beautiful, but also contribute significantly to the incomes of the villagers, who now depend almost entirely on tourism to survive.

Experiential Tourism:

In the Uros, it is fascinating to see how local communities merge with tourists to showcase their culture.

The Uros Islands community practices community-based rural tourism here, enabling interested visitors to participate in the daily activities of the community and feel like a part of it.



 Residents teach visitors how to cut totora, fish, navigate in totora boats, cook, among others.

Islands of Puno: Amantani Island

Amantani Island is another stop on most Lake Titicaca tours. It has over 3,000 indigenous inhabitants. Tourists usually spend the night here and sleep with one of the 50 families. Each family has at least one room and a bathroom, making it a real experience.

In the evening, local people usually offer a dance show. You can dress in their traditional costumes, and dance to lively music played with pan flutes, guitars, and small charangos.

What to See on Amantani Island?

On this beautiful island, we can find a system of terraces that are believed to have been built by the Lupaka and Pukara during the pre-Hispanic era, as well as the Inca culture.

Furthermore, on Amantani, we can find the Pachatata Ceremonial Center. This is located at the top of Coanos hill. Another point of interest on Amantani is the Pachamama Ceremonial Center on Llaquistiti hill. Both centers still hold their annual ceremonies and rituals to this day.

Currently, about 4,000 people live in Amantaní. These inhabitants are Quechua speakers and still keep their customs alive.

Taquile Island

Taquile Island is the last stop on a visit to Lake Titicaca. It is famous for its exceptional weaving tradition, still maintained by the approximately 2000 island residents. However, the first challenge to reach the main port is the 538 stone steps that must be climbed to reach the central square, which is a considerable challenge, especially because the city is 3,950 meters above sea level.

But the hike is worth it, and at the top you can find an impressive variety of local textiles and human weavings.

The Textiles of Taquile

The inhabitants of Taquile are characterized by their passion for textiles. They are masterful experts in textile arts, and their technique has been passed down from generation to generation. Through the weavings, the inhabitants reveal their imagination and way of life, culture, and traditions.

To showcase their textiles, the inhabitants have a Plaza de Armas, where they hold exhibitions of the weavings.

Why do you love these islands?

  • Engage directly with the Quechua community in Amantani.
  • Explore Ancient Temples.
  • Witness Natural Beauty of Titicaca.
  • Disconnect & Reconnect without technology.

Embark on the adventure of 'Around the World on Lake Titicaca,' a journey that transports you to the authenticity of Amantani, where the Quechua community embraces you. Live an unforgettable experience exploring ancient temples like Pacha Tata and Pacha Mama, from where the island shows its marvelousness against the vastness of Lake Titicaca, especially during magical sunsets. Accommodation in simple cozy family homes offers a unique connection to the essence of local life, inviting you to disconnect and immerse yourself in the true nature of this experience.

How to get to these islands?

The best way to get to these islands is to arrange a tour from Puno. With a good travel company like Magic Experiences, you will enjoy the best of it. 

Basically, you will get the chance to arrive at the islands by boat. You can find 2 options: One called fast boat and the regular one. No matter what option you choose, we are sure you will enjoy both experiences.

Remember that the best way to have an amazing experience is by getting the chance to explore with experts and have the chance to immerse yourself in the Inca culture. Are you ready?

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