Best places to go as a couple.
Places to enjoy with your loved one
Nicole Maxdeo
April 22, 2024

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The life of a couple is complicated. Being in a relationship means being committed to ideals and to a person who, just like you, has their ups and downs, good and bad days, good and bad temper, but above all, is a complement to your life very different from you. That’s why there’s nothing better than being able to get away, and what better than going to magical places that, we are sure, will steal more than one sigh from you.

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Why travel as a couple?

Traveling as a couple can help strengthen the bonds of trust, improve love, and above all, unite them because, being in unknown places, they will only have each other. The ideal would be to plan with the best places to go as a couple. Not all couples are the same, so if a plan of what to see doesn't work for you, you can challenge the structure and go for adventures around Peru.

What are the best places to go as a couple?

Definitely, there is no specific list because it's not the places to go as a couple that make a trip special, but the connection and quality time that we can have as a couple. However, we know that places add that special touch to make your encounter much more magical and special.

Here are some recommendations for the best places to go as a couple:

Places to go as a couple: Gocta Waterfall - Tarapoto

Gocta is a magical place in the middle of the Peruvian jungle, precisely in Chachapoyas, very close to the archaeological complex of Kuélap. Have you ever seen Tarzan? Well, now you can feel like the movie to experience love among the forests and trees. Here, at this waterfall, you can feel nature in all its splendor. Being very close to such a powerful waterfall, the strength and the moment of connection it can provide are incredible.

This is undoubtedly one of the best places to go as a couple. There's nothing better than visiting incredible places with the person you love. The Gocta waterfall is one of the largest and most beautiful in the world. Around the area, there are also different lodges where you can enjoy the atmosphere and see this natural magic from afar. Here you can take advantage and have a honeymoon in the jungle.

To get to Chachapoyas from Lima, you first need to go to Tarapoto. You can get there by plane in about an hour and a half. From here, we recommend hiring a tour to go to the waterfall, which can be done by walking or on horseback up to a certain point.

Places to go as a couple: Punta Sal Beach - Tumbes

Doesn't love flow more at the beach? Enjoying paradisiacal destinations is better as a couple. Just imagine being beside your loved one, with a refreshing drink, gazing at the sea, sunbathing, and enjoying the calm. So, in Peru, we have countless beaches, making it one of the best places to go as a couple. According to travelers in recent years, Punta Sal is one of the most chosen beaches for a little getaway as a couple.

This beach enjoys being somewhat removed from excessive parties or noise. This dreamy place boasts exclusive hotels and a warmer sea than those in the south of the country. Here you can enjoy 5-star hotels or lodges with pools and services that you can enjoy with your partner such as: Massages, horseback rides, or private dinners.

To get to Punta Sal, you'll first have to get to Tumbes. Don't worry, you can take a plane and in an hour and a half you'll be in the north of the country. Then, you can take transportation, either a minivan or bus, to get to Punta Sal.

Places to go as a couple: Bridge of Sighs - Lima

Lima is the destination that most passengers visit as soon as they arrive in Peru. Here, there are many dreamy places to visit as a couple. Barranco and Miraflores are the most popular districts to visit in Lima.

It is precisely in Barranco where one of the city's classics is located: The Bridge of Sighs. This is one of the best places to go as a couple. This bridge is named after the legend that surrounds it: It is believed that one must make a wish at one end of the bridge and hold their breath until reaching the other end. Only then, the wish will come true. Besides the name, this bridge indeed steals sighs because of the incredible sunset views it offers. In the area, you can enjoy delicious restaurants.

Places to go as a couple: Extras in Lima:

As mentioned before, there are many places where you can enjoy with your loved one, here are some of the best places to go as a couple in Lima:

Love Park: The name says it all. Here you can find statues of people kissing and many others in the shape of hearts. Get excited and escape as a couple. Nearby, you can find creperies where you can have a delicious dessert.
Miraflores Boardwalk: Walking by the sea, watching the sunset, is a very good option. If you are already nearby visiting perhaps Larcomar, escape and talk about your plans as a couple with this incredible view.
Friendship Park: Located in Surco. Here you can enjoy one of the best places to go as a couple within Lima City. There are boat rides, places for the best photos, and snacks to share.

Places to go as a couple: Blue Lagoon - San Martín

A charming place where you can cool off with your partner, admiring the best sunset view in the Peruvian jungle. This lagoon is located in the San Martín region. Around the area, there are many hotels that offer extra activities you can enjoy as a couple, such as: Bathing in the magical waters of the lagoon, enjoying a romantic stroll, or having a dinner with a view of those charming waters.

According to local myth, in the depths of this lagoon, there are mermaids who once a year seduce older men and take them to the bottom to have fun with them. If true, we'll have to look after our partner, won't we?

Places to go as a couple: Antioquia - The Colorful Village

Antioquia is a small town, globally known for its colorful facades. It is located among the mountains of the Huarochirí province, very close to Lima.

If you don't have much time but want to explore magical little towns, take a getaway here. This destination, besides being close to Lima, is also inexpensive. Just imagine this scene: You, driving a car, your loved one by your side, heading towards a town that is already the perfect setting for taking incredible photos. To get here, there are options for interprovincial buses or you can rent a car.

Get ready to stroll through these colorful streets, enjoy the local cuisine, and have your camera filled with unforgettable memories, undoubtedly one of the best places to go as a couple.

Places to go as a couple: Iquitos - Jungle of Peru

According to belief, the jungle has that extra something that makes everything more paradisiacal, and it's the perfect location to fall even more in love? Here you can enjoy mini cruises on the Amazon River, the largest river in Peru.

Here, besides the charming sunsets, there is wildlife that will provide a good reason to capture unforgettable moments. Get your camera ready and focus well because often these opportunities only come once in a lifetime.

If you're looking to experience lush natural landscapes but also enjoy city restaurants and bars, you'll find everything here, all in one place. Additionally, you can find the most romantic spot in Iquitos here, the Malecón de Tarapacá, facing the Itaya River. Here, the best thing to do is walk, talk, and enjoy the peace of the place.

Places to go as a couple: Ica and the Huacachina oasis

Ica, located just 3 hours south of Lima, is home to the largest oasis in Peru and South America. The main attraction of Ica is Huacachina, a lagoon nestled amidst dunes and deserts in Ica. Thanks to this beautiful lagoon, Ica is very popular among travelers. When it comes to couples, Ica has shown over the years various options for enjoyment, whether in adventure sports, sandboarding, or enjoying a beautiful sunset with a dreamy picnic.

Places to go as a couple: Machu Picchu - The wonder of the world

Machu Picchu is globally known for its charm and cultural significance. Being one of the wonders of the world, it indeed attracts thousands of eyes from around the globe. However, over the years, Machu Picchu has evolved from being just a living museum to taking on a more prominent role among couples, for example, for making a marriage proposal.

Imagine you're visiting a dreamy place, staying in a magical hotel, and boom, the marriage proposal in front of A WORLD WONDER! Believe it or not, this happens very often. Many couples decide to wait for the trip of their lives to make that moment even more special. Photos, videos, and settings that will be etched in your memory forever. This should be on your list of best places to go as a couple.

Extras in Cusco:

Cusco and its charming little streets are full of enchantment. This cozy place will make your trip a dream come true, especially if you're with the person you love. From its magical main square to its incredible archaeological sites, here are some of the best places to go as a couple:

San Blas: Walking to the San Blas neighborhood, strolling through its little streets, and enjoying a panoramic view of Cusco is truly a must-do. If you're already in the city, take the opportunity to surprise your partner with this short walk and enjoy the local restaurants to end the night on a high note.

Laguna Humantay: This visit takes more time but it's one of the best settings in Cusco. Laguna Humantay is a turquoise body of water located at the base of the Humantay and Salkantay peaks. Here, the perfect photo for your profile is waiting for you. Additionally, in the area, there are campsites where you can stay overnight while gazing at the stars.

Qenqo Forest: Couples also choose to visit this forest for a romantic picnic. It's located very close to the city of Cusco, and entry is free. You can bring a little wine, snacks, and enjoy the sunset among the trees.

So many options, it's just a matter of deciding whether you prefer cold or warm. Encourage your partner, pack your backpack, ask for time off, and embark on an unparalleled journey. Ready?

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