Best ATV tours in Cusco
The best way to enjoy the adventure in Cusco
Cusco - Perú
Nicole Maxdeo
April 24, 2024

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That’s right, Cusco also offers “adventure tourism” with ATV tours that will take you to lesser-known places where you can enjoy the best of the city in a different way of experiencing tourism in the area. Are you ready?

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Why go on ATV tours in Cusco?

You may wonder if these tours are worth it or not. In reality, it's a new way to enjoy these archaeological sites or points of interest in Cusco. Some of the reasons why you should take an ATV tour are:

  • They offer a different and exciting way to discover new places in Cusco. By exploring lesser-known places, you'll have a different perspective of the city and you'll be eager to keep exploring.
  • ATVs allow you to reach new places on your own, driving and feeling the adrenaline.
    You'll have plenty of time to explore the places and enjoy the views while experiencing the breeze and speed.
  • Riding an ATV in the amazing landscapes of Cusco is a unique experience that you'll surely remember forever. Get your camera ready and enjoy the best of the area.

Are ATV tours in Cusco suitable for everyone?

Definitely yes. During these tours, you can enjoy new experiences with your whole family. ATVs are easy to use, and if you have young children, they can ride behind you.

As for safety, we provide you with the necessary equipment to protect yourself in case of eventualities. Our only recommendation is to enjoy while managing the speed you can handle.

ATV Tours in Cusco: Maras and Moray

Maras and Moray are archaeological sites very close to each other located north of the city of Cusco, in the heart of the Sacred Valley of the Incas.
Moray is known as an ancient Inca laboratory with circular terraces that are believed to have had microclimates that helped agricultural species flourish and produce optimally.

On the other hand, Maras is a center for artisanal salt production. During the time of the Incas, these pools were used for salt production with different functions. Here, you can also take incredible photos of the sunsets and buy traditional products from the area.

It is in this area that adventure tours such as ATV tours are developed. During this tour, you can visit Maras and Moray, passing by Huaypo Lagoon and appreciating the beautiful landscapes of the area. The tour usually starts from the town of Cruzpata, from here, instructions will be given and you will have a driving tour of almost 90 minutes through these mentioned places.

The views of this incredible tour include the Chicón and Verónica snow-capped mountains, which are protective apus of the city. Don't forget that you can make stops to take photos, and at the end of the tour, we'll take you to taste the delights of local restaurants.

ATV tours in Cusco: Morada de los Dioses (The Dwelling of the Gods)

Apukunaq Tianan, which means "The Dwelling of the Gods", the average journey by car is 25 min. To that place, the tour consists of sculptures carved into living rock representing the gods of the Inca era. We find works from the contemporary period, sculptures carved into rocks over 8 meters high based on Andean cosmology and our culture.

The tour will start with pick-up in the city center, from where we will head to TicaTica. Here our guide will be waiting for us, and we will start with the informative session about the ATVs to be used. Here we will have free time to get ready, take photos of the area, and practice a little before heading out to visit this picturesque place. The route takes about 25 minutes to reach the Dwelling of the Gods. Upon arrival, you can have an explanation of some important points of the images depicted on the stones, truly a unique route.

ATV Tours in Cusco: Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca)

Rainbow Mountain, also known as Vinicunca or Winicunca, is one of the most visited natural sites in Peru. Our Rainbow Mountain tour on ATVs begins with pick-up at 4:20 am, depending on where your hotel is located in Cusco, then we will head south of the city of Cusco. The journey will be approximately 2 hours to Cusipata, our breakfast place, then we will continue for about 2 hours by vehicle passing through Pitumarca until we reach the station area, where we start with the ATVs. On the way, we can observe llamas, alpacas, and local people, then after 30 minutes of driving the ATVs, we reach the parking lot and start the walk, which is approximately 10 minutes, depending on the walking pace. From this point, we will have the best view of the mountains, and in front, we can see the highest mountain in Cusco, called Ausangate at 6400 meters high.

After this, we will descend again to the parking lot to drive the ATVs again and return to the "parking lot", board the car, and return to the lunch point again in Cusipata, to finally head back to the city of Cusco, where we will arrive approximately between 5:00 to 6:00 pm in Cusco, thus ending our excursion.

ATV Tours in Cusco: Perolniyoc Waterfall

ATV tours in Lucre offer you an experience to enjoy the landscapes of the stunning mountains in the area. Lucre is a town located south of the city of Cusco. Here, we can find peach orchards, cornfields, and traditional dishes such as Arroz con Pato, among others.

These tours start in this town with a small instruction from the guide on how to safely handle the ATVs. After these instructions, we can start the tour of about 90 minutes on the roads around the area and visit the surrounding lagoons. At the end of the visit, we recommend stopping at the traditional store in the area to enjoy a delicious traditional homemade dessert or ice cream.

Explore and dare to experience the adrenaline among the mountains. Are you ready?

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