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Traditional market + Cooking classes

Discover the Vibrant Markets of Peru: Shopping for Causa Limeña and Lomo Saltado Ingredients

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Embark on a culinary journey through Peru’s bustling markets to gather fresh ingredients for Causa Limeña and Lomo Saltado. Guided by expert chefs, you’ll learn to select the best yellow potatoes, seafood or chicken, and fresh vegetables for Causa Limeña. For Lomo Saltado, find tender beef, ripe tomatoes, crisp onions, and essential yellow chili peppers. This immersive experience offers insights into Peru’s rich culinary heritage while equipping you with everything needed to prepare these iconic dishes at home.

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Why you'll love this trip?

You’ll love this experience because it immerses you in the vibrant culture of Peru, offering a hands-on adventure in local markets. Guided by expert chefs, you’ll discover the secrets of selecting the freshest ingredients, all while learning about the rich culinary traditions behind Causa Limeña and Lomo Saltado. This journey not only enhances your cooking skills but also provides a deep connection to the heart of Peruvian cuisine.


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Traditional market + Cooking classes

Join expert chefs on a market tour to gather fresh ingredients for Causa Limeña and Lomo Saltado. Learn to select the best potatoes, seafood, vegetables, beef, and chili peppers while gaining insights into Peru’s culinary heritage. This experience equips you to bring the vibrant flavors of Peru into your kitchen.

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