Land of the dunes, the Huacachina oasis and the Nazca Lines

Huge oasis, enchanting lagoons and a never-ends sun that will marvel your senses, this is what Ica has to offer! Have a deep experience into the place of the wine and sun.

Explore Ica's cultural richness through Pisco tasting and immerse yourself in the unique traditions of local communities. You get to taste it, learn about it, and see how it's made.
Now, let's talk about the natural beauty of Ica like the lagoons and that endless sunshine! Our tours showcase the stunning lagoons, perfect for chilling, and the warm sun that just makes everything better.

All in one: Vineyards, adventurous time with sandboarding and buggies, admire the Huacachina lagoon and let yourself delve into the magic of this city. Ready for some adventure?


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