Rainbow mountain and the apu Ausangate – Travel Blog

Rainbow Mountain and Ausangate, from minute zero, took my breath away and I’m not just talking about the height, but the beauty that its white colors and blue skies give us. Waking up early and preparing for what will be a great adventure makes anyone’s heart race, but knowing that in a few hours you […]

Acclimatizing before our trip – Rainbow Mountain tips

Acclimatizing is the key before embarking on any high-altitude adventure, such as the Rainbow Mountain hike. Trips to cities with elevated altitudes can be daunting due to the dreaded altitude sickness. Symptoms like headaches, dizziness, nausea, and overall discomfort can dampen our travel experience. Here are some tips to help you acclimate and make your […]

Rainbow Mountain: 6 things to expect

The Rainbow Mountain or Vinicunca is known worldwide for the beautiful colors that it has on the mountain. It reached its popularity in the last 5 years due to the large influx of people who show up every day to be able to take an incredible photo in what is the second wonder of Cusco.

5 quality standards to guarantee a good tourist service

Without a doubt, offering a good tourist service in the tourism industry is one of the main points overall. In our region, it is currently the most representative activity that generates thousands of jobs and is one of the hobbies to which many take refuge to have a good time.

Rainbow mountains in Cusco: 3 different options.

Before the pandemic, approx from 2019, Vinicunca was discovered for all the travelers. That were´nt any other rainbow mountains in Cusco. This colored mountain was the revolution for all the travelers that came during that time to visit and enjoy themselves admiring the colors of the rainbow.However, this rainbow mountain, Vinicunca,  became so popular that […]

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