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When we plan our trip, the excitement of discovering new places overwhelms us. Even more so if it’s a destination we haven’t visited before, filling us with eagerness to uncover what this new route holds and what new adventures we are about to embark on. Perhaps one of the biggest concerns arises when it comes […]

Restaurants in Lima: Our top 6

Are you wondering where you can have the best meals of your life? It is not a secret that Peru has one of the best culinary experiences of the world, right? Here we will show you the best restaurants in Lima.

Places out of Lima: Our top 7

Lima, the capital of the Peruvian territory, holds a treasure that remains not fully appreciated. As mentioned before, it is often only known as a transit city since most tourists primarily stay at the airport. However, there is much to see. Beyond the places in Lima city, we have the option to travel a few […]

5 Best hotels in Lima

Lima, the historic capital of Peru is a cosmopolitan and traditional city that, daily, welcomes many different travelers from around the world! Hotels in Lima are always a concern but, let us explain that for you.

Lima: The complete travel guide

Lima, located in the central part of Peru, is the capital of this rich country. It lays just by the Pacific Ocean, and was founded on January 18th, 1535 under the name of the City of the Kings.

Gastronomy in Lima

You’re ready to explore the beauty of the “Kings City.” Delve into the cultural richness of the colonial places in Lima through its gastronomy, where every corner offers a canvas of culinary dishes, historical treasures, and vibrant culture waiting to be explored.

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